🌿willow crafts🌿

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One thing that has amazed me more than any other since arriving at The Acorns is just how quickly trees grow. We have planted about 2500 trees and I remember saying why are planting sweet chestnuts, we will never see them mature! But we were eating chestnuts last year!!

Willow fascinates me too! It grows so fast here.

These are some photos of willow projects which have now grown out of hand. The willow structures have spread into maturing trees too.

The willow beds are into their fourth year and are still producing more willow than I can find time for.

The first structure planted was the willow dome and then the willow tunnel…… the remains of which still houses the silo shower, although the willows are now almost out of our control.

The willow seat is hidden in the woodland and looks more like a bush than a seat…..although it is still growing and could be resculpted I guess.

The willow circle had been intended to be the beginnings of a large dome. However it was just the right size to position the silo inside it, amazing really!! The willow are now growing up and around the outside of the silo cabin, we have cut them back a couple of times.

We do need to start planting more willow trees as a few are showing signs of decay and may need to be cut down. It is so easy to reproduce the trees, making cuttings from the branches and just sticking them in the ground and waiting for them to take root and grow their own branches and leaves, and then watching and waiting for them to form new trees.

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5 thoughts on “🌿willow crafts🌿”

    1. Oh great JoHannah! Just make sure they don’t dry out. We had quite a drought last summer and the willow cuttings didn’t do so well as the previous years as I thought I could just leave them to grow. Good luck, let me know how you get on.💚💛❤️💜💙

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